Do you need to buy school bonds when you apply admission at an international school?

No, different school has different rules and regulations for purchasing school bonds. Some schools will prioritize interviews and exams for students who purchased their bonds, however, not all schools request to do so.

Can all children holding Household Register in Mainland China apply international schools in Hong Kong?

Mainland Chinese residents who plan to apply for Hong Kong international school must meet one of the following conditions:

1. The child was born in Hong Kong and holding Hong Kong permanent resident status.

2. One of the parents has a working permit or student visa in Hong Kong, and the child has dependent status attached with the parent.

3. The child has foreign country resident status and reached the age of 5 years and 8 months can apply for Hong Kong international schools.

The child is currently studying in Mainland Chinese school before applying for an international school, does this condition affect this child apply Hong Kong international school?

It does not take any effects. The Hong Kong international school will request proof of current performance evidence at school where he/she is studying. Evidences including student manual book, teacher comments and student academic transcripts. This procedure aims to assess whether the student’s ability has reached the requested international school standards. There are no obvious differences whatsoever the student is currently studying in Mainland China or in Hong Kong government schools.

What is the international school admission process and what application material needed?

The application processes are: participation in a briefing session at the school → visit the school → submit application form → submit support documents → pay registration fee → arrange school examination → parents interview → result announcement.

The list for necessary support documents:

Birth certificate, passport, passport photo, family picture, valid Hong Kong visa / Hong Kong ID card, academic transcript.

Note: The application process and required information of each school are slightly different. Please consult with our professional consultants for more details.

When should I submit the application form?

The criteria for enrollment application submission are different from school to school. Usually, between September and November in the academic year, however, some international schools will accept applications all-year-round.

Which kindergarten is better for a young child: Half-day or Full-time?

To choose a half-day or full-time kindergarten relies on the parent’s real-life situation and cannot make common practice. The half-day kindergarten is especially suitable for a three-year-old child who is new to school. The reason is that a young child has been looked after full-time at home since born, the half-day kindergarten easily adapts the change for the young child with no concept of schooling. However, full-time schooling has adapted by most of the Hong Kong primary schools which suitable for a year one child’s daily class rhythm. Furthermore, full-time kindergarten has better flexibility for school time schedule arrangements, resource and the use of school facilities, thus enhances child’s learning quality.

What need to be done if I want my child to be transferred from his/her old school to international school?

To submit support documents for transfer school is the same apply for a government school, however, you need to keep an eye on vacancies availability from the transferred school. For instance, many parents do not receive update vacancy information when the target school has only one vacancy left, however, it will be gone quickly because other parents are also looking for the same vacancy at that school. We strongly suggest that you should consult to professional education consultants who will save you a lot of time to find good schools when you are searching for available school vacancies.

What do I need to prepare for an international school parents’ interview?

The interviewers from international school want to know the student family situation, i.e. family member information, especially what intention for parents do eagerly prepare to enroll their children to international schools. Thus, parents need well prepare to answer interview questions before school interview. Moreover, parents need to learn more about the school teaching concept, teaching features before interview. In addition, parents also need to pay attention to speech and skills for question answered in the school interview.

How to choose a most suitable international school for my child?

To help your children study at international school is one step closer for them get in touch with international curriculum, adapt international teaching methods and atmosphere. As a result, children will become internationally creative talents who holistically develop themselves to adopt rapid social changes. English proficiency is in the most priority to evaluate the children’s all-round academic aspects, scientifically analysis what academic level that child currently belongs to, so that to find the most suitable international school for this child. Secondly, understand the school teaching methods, specialty school education mission and vision and concept, to find out what aspect the child will achieve after graduation from the school will match the same aspect from their parents. Finally, to compare the international school with similar level schools for extracurricular development contents, i.e. after class activities, school environment etc.

What we will do in an international school interview?

Most interviews for kindergarten are conducted through group activities or games; and primary school interviews are conducted written and oral test to the child follow by parents’ interview.