School Admission

Nowadays, it is crucial in a highly competitive society. The starting point to achieve this is to help them enter a good school with a quality teaching and learning environment.


Apart from considering local schools’ application, many parents would like to apply for international schools to help their children get well-prepared for overseas study. However, good schools are always in short supply and are exceptionally difficult to enter. Thus, to enter the most suitable school for the child to learn and grow outstandingly in an extraordinary environment has always been a big challenge for parents.

Our professional education team has full knowledge of the entry criteria of local and international schools in Hong Kong. We utilize multi-dimensional analysis for the child to identify the most suitable school which will lay a solid foundation for the child’s future development.


Initial Consultation, Identify the Needs
  • One-on-one counselling service to identify the needs of the child

  • Provide detailed featured comments for the target school

       Preliminary assessment, analysis of the situation

  • Meeting with parents, learn about all aspects of the schoolchild

  • Directive guiding communication, analyze all aspects of the schoolchild

In-depth analysis, Handle Application

  • Full-range academic assessment for the child, to set a progressive plan

  • In-depth analyses for parents, clarify the admission path

  • To assist with admission application, submit no more than 5 schools