International School Investment and Management Project

Brilliant Education Expert provides integrated international school planning and coordination services. Our professional advisory team provides international school management and operation services, including school investment and management consulting, reconstruct school management structure, international teacher recruitment, and management, introduce available courses for domestic and foreign cooperative education institutions. Introduce and nudge course design, curriculum system, teaching quality management, independent operation schools, daily school management, and graduates apply for further education at home and abroad.

We support international and first-class schools with abundant resources, diversified courses, excellent teaching resource, professional management, and more diversified prestige solutions.


Curriculum, Research, and Development


We have a professional curriculum introduction, research, and development team. We have been continually researching and analyzing local curriculums and world mainstream curriculum standards, university admission policies at home and abroad. BEE pays attention to develop and innovate teaching methods and closely follows the development of education reform at home and abroad. We carefully adapt and thoroughly understand education from teaching the concept to a practical level.

Our team assists with schools to design curriculums for international projects, according to their real-time situations and needs. For example, to introduce mainstream curriculums i.e. GCSE, A-Level, IB or AP; other learning systems such as Ace Adventure, Carfax Project, Stamford Education, etc. We care for all subjects based on student’s language and competency requirements, university accreditation and teaching resources. BEE suggests suitable curriculum plan to adopt local education policy requirements, tailor-made teaching system for all schools, optimize teaching system through the whole school system implementation process.


Teacher Recruitment and Management


Prestige international courses such as A-Level, IB, and AP have restricted teaching requirements. As an international curricular management service provider, we provide recruitment and teaching training for school partners to form a complete international teaching team. We have a professional teacher recruitment and management team, recruiting outstanding teachers, consultants and senior academic management personnel around the world. BEE coordinates with the quality teaching management team to assess and manage recruited teachers on a regular basis.

In order to attract more outstanding international teachers, we will closely follow up and assist teaching staff to integrate into local life and cultural environment. In addition, our professional team will strive to create a fair and friendly working environment, whilst providing foreign teachers induction training, teaching supports, assessment feedbacks, and various career development opportunities.


Enrollment and Selection


Our Team utilizes professional and multifield advertising network to build excellent branding images for international schools. We also adopt Hong Kong's international school enrollment and selected model to meet local school needs. It aims to meet the school's admission policy reform and to attract more talented students to enroll.


Teaching Quality Management


The teaching quality is an important part of the international curriculum project. Our curricular management team is formed by experienced education experts and professors to maintain teaching quality in the international school curriculum. Targeting three aspects: academic management, teaching staff management and student management, our team makes every effort to ensure the high quality of school curriculum and smooth operation.


Student Training and Progression Path


We exceptionally emphasizing on nurturing students' global vision and personal character development. To this end, we will offer international schools accredited international exchange tour programs, thus, students can get in touch with foreign learning environment and culture, which can open up students' global vision, cultivate the virtues of integration, tolerance, and acceptance from childhood.

In terms of connecting to further education, BEE has many years of experiences in handling further education issues both at home and abroad. Building strong network connections with higher education organizations, including Study Group, GEC, APSI, QII, etc, we are fully experienced in operating training courses, including English language training, vocational education, and distance course at over 300 world-class universities for international students. Our company has enormous resources for further studies to ensure its students will 100% progress to further education.